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Build your home, business or warehouse using energy panels.

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Solar power is going to be absolutely essential to meeting growing energy demands while staving off climate change.


Certified professional that gives accurate analysis on what you will need to build a solid system


Creative workforce that ensures you get the best quality available in the market


Qualified experts to install, repair, maintain or revive your solar system


Artworld Solar = QUALITY

Did you know the world’s energy needs for one year can be covered by the sun generating power for only one minute? In fact, within 24 hours the Sun is able to generate more energy than the entire population would consume in 27 years. We give you nothing but the best


We can light up your ups 24/7 with the best solar systems available

  • AC
  • Fridge
  • Irons
  • Washing Machines


You don’t need the epileptic light situation in the country hinder your business growth


You can trust Artworld Solar to have you covered with all necessary info to have a stable power supply



We provide our customers detailed analysis on Solar systems before asking them to purchase because we believe they deserve the best

50 %
70 %
45 %

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What clients are saying

Temitayo King

Artworld Solar installed a 5KVA inverter with 4 pieces of battery in my house since March 2017 and so far, our experience with the new technology has been excellent. Now I don’t even know when I’m using NEPA or Inverter

Kingsley Ekwunife

I have not had a single issue with it working and the installation was managed so efficiently by Artworld Solar. It was installed in my Pharmacy around January in 2015, few months later, i asked them to install in my residence. My monthly bills have been greatly reduced by Artworld solar

Nzeh Chinedu

Extremely satisfied with not only the product, but also the saving which have been amazing. I do not waste money on fuel any longer. My neighbours now call me NEPA(meaning: nah only Nzeh light sure pass for this compound).